If you’ve been looking to install or replace security screens around your home or business, you may have found yourself perusing what security screens bunnings has to offer. With 6 different brands to choose from, all at a variety of prices, many people choose to select one of these as their security screen option. But how can you know if any of the security screens bunnings has to offer are suitable for your security needs? Following we will discuss the potential advantages and disadvantages of Bunnings security screens.


1. Price range: With current prices starting from as little as $146 and ranging up to $935, there is something available for everyone, even those on a tight budget.
2. Ready to go: There’s no wait time for manufacturing, simply go in store or order online.
3. Self-installation: If you’re a confident handy man or woman, there’s no need to call an installer as you can easily install these screens on your own.


1. Pre-made: Not all homes or businesses are the same. Having an individually customised and manufactured security screen may better protect your property.
2. Hire an installer: If you’re not so confident with being handy, you’ll have to separately hire a worker to come and install the screens.
3. Quality: Lower prices may mean lower grade materials have been used, leaving the screens susceptible to faster damage and deterioration and may need replacing sooner.

With these advantages and disadvantages in mind, you may find that security screens bunnings have to offer are suitable for your security needs. However, for fully customisable, individually manufactured screens and superior security technology, choose Crimsafe security screens. For a free quote on a Crimsafe security screen, give the friendly Securelux team a call today.