You have locks on all your doors to keep your property secure, but what about your windows? One toss of a rock to shatter the glass and a lock on a window can be useless. A better way to secure you windows is with security screens. There are many benefits to gain from having Crimsafe windows security screens installed on your windows.


Crimsafe are innovators and leaders in the security industry. Their security screens for doors are highly renowned, and Crimsafe windows security screens are no different. Their extremely strong security screens can keep intruders out without the need for any unsightly bars or grills. You can keep your home or business safe whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing and retaining unhindered views.

They can also help to prevent provide fall protection from heights and keep out any unwanted visitors of the animal variety such as insects, snakes, spiders and more.
In the event of a storm, they can help protect your windows from being smashed by hail stones or debris blown around by the wind.


With security screens, you can leave your windows open to enjoy cool breezes. This can help to reduce your needs for air conditioning or fans, providing you comfort and saving you dollars on your electricity bill.

Crimsafe windows security screens include: fixed, hinged, single, double and triple sliding windows, and their patented Safe-S-Capes®.

Not sure which Crimsafe windows security screen is right for you? Call the friendly Securelux team today. We can have a chat and help you determine which security screen is right for your home or business.