Whether you’re renovating or refreshing your home or business, you may be thinking of painting your Crimsafe doors or windows to match. Before you pick up the paintbrush, it’s best to consider the question “can you paint Crimsafe?”. Today, we will be answering the question “can you paint Crimsafe?” and what options you already have available to you in the Crimsafe product range.


We do not recommend that you paint your Crimsafe doors or windows. Your Crimsafe products come with a 10-year warranty. Painting them will instantly void the warranty of your products, which you don’t want to happen.
A big part of what makes Crimsafe so secure is the installation process. Only qualified, experience professionals such as the team at Securelux should be installing or removing your Crimsafe products. If you were to remove your Crimsafe door or window to paint and then try to put it back, you may not do so correctly and thereby compromise the effectiveness and overall safety of the product.


Crimsafe doors and windows come available in a wide variety of colours. We can show you these during your consultation process with us and can help recommend which colour will best suit your home or business.
Crimsafe mesh itself only ever comes in black. This is because the transparency of black mesh is better than other colours and a key feature of Crimsafe is its transparency.

So technically the answer to the question “can you paint Crimsafe” is yes. However, as discussed above, we do not recommend that you do so as it can void your products warranty and may cause functional and aesthetic problems.
For further questions, or to see that range of colours we carry for Crimsafe products, contact the friendly Securelux team today.