Crimsafe Security Doors on the Sunshine Coast

Wanting to get maximum security on the doors and windows of your home or business without the unsightly addition of bars and grilles? Crimsafe security screens and doors is your answer! Crimsafe security doors and screens come in a wide range of types and colours meaning they have a stylish solution to suit every home [...]

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Security Screens Sunshine Coast Guide

Do you have old, poorly secured screen doors and fly screens that need replacing? You can improve both the security and privacy of your home or business whilst giving it a facelift at the same time with Securelux security products. We specialise in security screens and doors, shutters, privacy, and advice. Our security products include [...]

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Installing security screen doors

Security screen doors are not only a great option to better protect your home or business but are great to let breezes in, keep pests out and provide a nice view. Many people want to know how to install a security screen door. However, the question you should be asking is: “should I try to [...]

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Where can you buy Crimsafe products?

If you’ve popped down to your local hardware store to check out some Crimsafe products you won’t have found any. And there’s a good reason why.  But it may have left you scratching your head thinking “well, who sells Crimsafe then?”. Today we’ll be answering the questions who sells Crimsafe products and why you won’t [...]

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Benefits of window security screens

You have locks on all your doors to keep your property secure, but what about your windows? One toss of a rock to shatter the glass and a lock on a window can be useless. A better way to secure you windows is with security screens. There are many benefits to gain from having Crimsafe [...]

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Why invest in a Crimsafe Door?

You have most likely heard of Crimsafe. They are Australian leaders in security screen solutions, providing security screens for doors and windows. Those seeking the best in security for their home and business choose Crimsafe. Still, many people want to know why they should invest in a Crimsafe door. ABOUT CRIMSAFE Crimsafe always stand [...]

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