Security screen doors are not only a great option to better protect your home or business but are great to let breezes in, keep pests out and provide a nice view. Many people want to know how to install a security screen door. However, the question you should be asking is: “should I try to install my own security screen door?”.

Installing a security screen door correctly can be more difficult than you might anticipate. Not only will you need to know how to correctly measure for a perfect fit, but you’ll also need a large array of tools and materials that you may not already have. It can be a timely and costly task that can easily turn into a hassle.

When you purchase a Crimsafe security screen door through us, the installation of the door is included.
The Securelux team have the knowledge and experience on how to install a security screen door as well as the proper tools. In fact, we recommend that Crimsafe should only be installed by a fully licenced and trained professional as improper installation can reduce the effectiveness and integrity of the product.

When you choose Securelux to install security screen doors in your home or business, the process is quite simple. We start off by providing you with a free quote and after organising an onsite visit to asses and measure your home or business to determine the best installation option. We will then discuss with you your options and then you decide which is best suitable for you.

Next is the manufacturing process where we custom create your security screen door to the exact measurements and specifications. This process can take between 4-12 days depending on stock levels. We’ll keep you updated and informed on the estimate time of delivery.

Finally comes delivery and installation, conducted by one of our specialist team members, at a day and time that suits you. We always try to organise delivery and installation on the same day in order to have the least amount of disturbance to your family or business as possible.