If you’ve popped down to your local hardware store to check out some Crimsafe products you won’t have found any. And there’s a good reason why.  But it may have left you scratching your head thinking “well, who sells Crimsafe then?”. Today we’ll be answering the questions who sells Crimsafe products and why you won’t find them at hardware stores.



Crimsafe products can only be purchased through Crimsafe licensees. A Crimsafe licensee has the ability and facility to personally manufacturer Crimsafe. Products are custom made to order from the exact measurements and specifications for the client’s home or business. They also must be installed by a licensee specifically as they have the proper education and training to do so, meaning you get the maximum amount of security out of your products.

Therefore, the reason you do not see Crimsafe sold in hardware stores or by other 3rd parties is because it would simply not be possibly. There is no way to mass manufacture and have the products ready for sale in stores with different measurements and specifications for every home and business. Also, self-installation by a purchaser could mean the product would do an inferior job and not be as safe as it could be.


We here at Securelux have been creating security solutions with Crimsafe products for families and businesses for more than 40 years. We are a family owned, fully licensed Crimsafe manufacturer and installer, serving the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. We are passionate about providing our community with better security measures to keep families and businesses safer. If you’re interested in any Crimsafe products, contact our friendly team today for a free quote.