You have most likely heard of Crimsafe security products. They are Australian leaders in security system screen solutions, providing security screens for doors and windows produced to Australian standards. Those seeking the best in security for their home and business choose Crimsafe. Still, many people want to know why they should invest in Crimsafe security screen doors.


Crimsafe always stand out above other security screen providers for several reasons. Firstly, the materials they use to build their screens with are always of the highest quality. Secondly, they use a thicker stainless steel mesh and screw clamp system combination unlike any other brand. Thirdly, they combine this with the latest in security technology developments to create security screens that are unbeatable.


The high-quality materials and latest technology developments used in their screens means that a Crimsafe door price is typically more expensive than other brands. Whilst a Crimsafe door may cost more initially than other brands, it could ultimately save you more in the long run. An investment now in Crimsafe doors could stop the heartache, stress, and expense of having your home or business broken into due to inferior products failing to protect against intruders.

All Crimsafe products are custom built to the exact measurements and requirements of your home or business. Therefore, the Crimsafe door price will vary for each individual customer. If you’re thinking of a Crimsafe installation for a security door, give our friendly team a call today and request a free quote on the Crimsafe door price for your home or business. The expert team here at Securelux is ready to help with all your security screen needs.