Most of us are familiar with Crimsafe security doors. What you may not know is that Crimsafe also offers security screens for windows! Today we will discuss a few of the many other reasons to consider Crimsafe for windows.


The first and most obvious reason why you need Crimsafe for windows is for security. It’s no good having your doors fully secured if you have bare and easily broken windows. Keep intruders out with whilst retaining a pleasant look to your home or business all with unhindered views.
Crimsafe for windows can also act as fall prevention, which is particularly pertinent in homes with children or businesses for general public safety.


With Crimsafe for windows you can leave your windows open to get beautiful cross ventilation throughout your home or business. Being able to take advantage of breezes may mean you are able to cut down on cooling via air conditioning and can help to ensure fresh, clean air is coming inside. It can also do so whilst offering UV protection. With Crimsafe for windows, you can keep you home or business well ventilated whilst protecting your family or employees and clients from damaging UV rays.


This goes not only for unwanted guests of the human variety but of the animal and debris variety too. An open window is easy access for prowling cats, possums, birds, insects, leaves, sticks and so much more. Keep all these unwanted guests out whilst retaining the benefits of open windows with Crimsafe for windows.

As you can see, there are so many benefits to getting Crimsafe for windows. For a free quote for your home or business, call the friendly team at Securelux today.