What Are Crimsafe Doors?

If you’ve been investigating security measures for your home or business, chances are you have seen Crimsafe doors come up as a suggestion. What exactly are Crimsafe doors and how can these innovative security screen doors protect your property? Crimsafe doors are a fantastic security product that can protect your home or business from [...]

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Crimsafe Door Maintenance Tips

If you have made the smarter choice and invested in Crimsafe security screens and doors, you must carry out some simple steps to ensure they remain as effective as possible. Regular cleaning of your Crimsafe screens and doors not only helps to protect your home but your investment in these high-quality security products.  At Securelux, [...]

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Bunnings Window Security Screens Alternative

After a reliable and long-lasting screen for your windows? At Sunshine Coast Security Screens, we supply and install the optimal Bunnings window security screens alternative. Skip ugly, ineffective screens and invest in Crimsafe’s triple lock, near-invisible mesh screens for your windows and doors.  Our team manufactures our screens as a special order with every [...]

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